Methods of Controlling Premature Ejaculation: Exploring it Further

By Mathew Gibson

The most common factor that served as a setback for decades in controlling premature ejaculation in men has been an unwillingness to accept that it is a fact of life, or of sex, to be more specific. Premature ejaculation is not a subject that's taboo. Not even if you secretly nurture hopes of matching exaggerated heights of sexual pleasure set by erotic novels.

There has always been a difference of opinion as to 'how fast' may be considered 'premature.'

In the Melanesian culture for example, ejaculating within 15 seconds of coitus is considered normal. Now that's way too fast by any standard. So let's just say, if you are one of those 'giving' men, for whom complete sexual pleasure comes with mutual satisfaction, your erection should last the complete response cycle of both partners, until you reach orgasm. Now this may not coincide with the woman reaching orgasm because some women do not climax during intercourse but only through clitoral stimulation. That should be your duration between 'high' and 'dry' conditions. So if you are suffering from the problem of premature ejaculation, the first step to curing it will be to admit the condition and analyze what may be causing it.

The male orgasm is not just a simple mechanical process of the reproductive system but something that may be deeply affected by psychology. Let's say, that a simple happy man is more likely to be happy in bed in comparison to someone who is perpetually depressed or anxious. General anxiety or anxiety about performance, and mental depression have been diagnosed as causes for premature ejaculation; so one way of treating it would be professional psychological help, if necessary. Doctors now prescribe SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) such as Prozac to men with premature ejaculation. Delayed ejaculation is a well-documented side effect of SSRIs. Just be aware of the fact that anti-depressants may have an adverse effect on libido too.

Exercising the mind and body has helped men to evolve lots of potential that have often lay dormant within. Healthy life-style habits and moderation in drinking and smoking or even total abstinence is a primary requisite for those who are seeking to curb their premature ejaculation problems. Sometimes the cause for PE may be a medical condition like pelvic trauma or surgery, in which case it would be best to get the symptoms identified and accordingly treated by an experienced practitioner.

Sometimes, it may simply be that the time isn't right. Contrary to the feminist belief that men are always up to it (pun intended) the poor man may actually be too tired or too stressed out for any satisfactory performance, leave alone sexual. Of course there may be an opposite condition too, caused by increased excitation, when the time is equally not right. The latter case may be a result of lengthened foreplay, long abstinence or over enthusiasm, as in the case of inexperienced teenagers. The mantra in both scenarios is to relax and take a breather. Even masturbation may help in this case to control the excitement and make the sexual exercise an enjoyable routine instead of a rude 'thank you ma'am' disaster. What men should know is the length of their 'refractory period'- the duration after one ejaculation till the completion of which another orgasm is not possible.

De-sensitizing the penis using a topical anesthetic is sometimes advised by the doctor to check premature ejaculation. The process may be messy and is not too widely advocated. Using a condom is a better option in that case

What has to be generally understood and accepted is that premature ejaculation is just another physical problem that can be resolved if the cause is identified accurately. Sex is inevitable and therefore a denial of sexual satiation is bound to lead one to depths of mental agony where the problems will be much more intense.

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